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For the month of July and possibly beyond the Radio Caroline ship Ross Revenge is moored at the end of Southend pier

Click here for the Realvideo tour of the Ross Revenge the home of Radio Caroline. It takes some time to start playing so please be patient.

You need Realplayer 7 to view it it's FREE


Here is a selection of pictures taken the day before the start of their 28 day RSL broadcast


Ross Revenge

The Lady herself tethered to the pier on a beautiful summer's day at Southend on Sea



LA is a great big freeway

A view of the stern where the gangway access is



Caroline 1503

For 28 days Caroline will be on the air on 1503KHz MW



Studio 1

Studio 1 or the 558 studio from which came most of the English language broadcast during her time at sea




Even Caroline has succummed to the latest technology, CD and MD



Studio 2

Studio 2 or the Dutch studio which broadcast the programmes of Radio Monique during the 80s



Man and machine in perfect harmony

The Main 50Kw Transmitter That was used on 963KHz, 319mtrs



A woppa

One of the huge air cooled  transmitting valves



Steve it don't work

The sound processor "Optimod" undergoing some last minute emergency repairs prior to the next days start of the RSL



My Generation

One of the generators, between them they supply all the ships power and the power for the transmitters.  It was unusually quiet as the ship was running on mains power supplied from the pier.  Though a couple of days earlier the situation was reversed with the Ross Revenge's supplying electricity to the pier during a power cut



On Deck

A last look at the ship.  For details on how to visit Radio Caroline take a look at the Radio Caroline website